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Pallet Wrapping Machine


Feature of this machine

1. Stretch wrapping machines are used to wrap stretch film around a loaded pallet. The film provides extra support while the products are being transported & stored to protect them from tip, spill or from being damaged.

2. Material usage: Machine is using a standard type of stretch film packaging material for creating a hard to tear, resistance, waterproof cover over the loads.

3. The film is recyclable. Specification: width: 500mm, thickness: 20-25 microns, length: 1500meters, weight: max:16kg, stretchable, one side sticky, transparent or colored.

4. Control System: PLC control. Photo-eye auto-height sensing pallet height; Separate top, bottom & up-down Wrap Counter options; Over wrap time is up to create an overwrap; Reinforce wrap times is set to better secure 2 loads placed on top of each other; Film Tension Control adjustment on the panel; Separate start, pause and emergency stop buttons; Power indicator; Manual carriage up/down; Variable Turntable Speed; Carriage up/down speed control; Manual/automatic exchangeable.

5. Turntable: 1650mm Diameter Structural steel plate; 85mm Height floor to top of the turntable.

6. Turntable drive: 0-12rpm variable turntable speed by frequency changer; Position turntable alignment; Soft start.

7. Film carriage: Powered pre-stretch system up to 250% to min film consumption; Film delivery variable speed by separate DC Drive Motor; Electronic film tension control adjustment on panel; Film dancer-bar with variable speed output.

8. Film carriage Drive: Heavy-duty double-chain carriage lift, calm and safety; Film carriage variable speed by frequency changer.

Specification of this machine

Model TP1650F
Wrapping size(L*W*H) (500-1100)mm*(500-1200)mm*(600-200)mm
Packing efficiency 20-40 loads/hour
Turntable speed 0-12rpm
Turntable diameter Diameter:1650mm height:85mm
Turntable loading(max) 2000kg
Up-down frame Double-chain, Up-down speed variable
Film carriage Pre-stretch
Control system PLC
Machine weight(max) 700kg
Machine size 2650mm*1650mm*2500mm
Packaging size 2780mm*1850mm*1000mm
Electrics Single-phase 220V/50Hz
Power Turntable: 0.75kw,film

carriage: 0.3kw,up-down:0.4kw


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