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Automatic Wrapping Machine

Film Wrapping Machine

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Feature of this machine

1. Material usage: Machine is using a standard type of stretch film packaging material for creating a hard to tear, resistance, waterproof cover over the loads.

2. The film is recyclable. Specification: width: 500mm, thickness: 20-30 microns, stretchable, one side sticky, transparent or coloured.

3. The function of the machine: The whole machine motor, wire, chain and other dangerous devices are all built-in to ensure the safety of operators; PLC programmable control, winding program optional.

4. Multi-function human-machine interface text control and display system can display the running status of the equipment in real-time; Germany double blessing photoelectric switch auto-dynamic measurement of cargo height.

5. The number of winding layers, running speed and film tensioning degree can be adjusted arbitrarily, which is convenient and simple to operate; Independent variable frequency control pretension automatic film feeding system, tension-free adjustment.

6. The number of winding loops at the top and bottom is controlled separately, and 1-9 loops are freely adjusted. Automatic, manual can be switched, almost no daily maintenance.

7. Turntable drive: 0-12rpm variable turntable speed by frequency changer; Soft start, soft stop, automatic reset; Position turntable alignment; Made of high-quality carbon structural steel with long service life.

8. Main Components (selection of electronic control system):

Touch screen (MCGS) (Taiwan)

PLC (Siemens) (Germany)

Turntable inverter (Siemens) (Germany)

Lift converter (Siemens) (Germany)

Pre-pull inverter (Siemens) (Germany)

Limit switch (Schneider) (France)

Photoelectric switch (PEPPERL FUCHS) (Germany)

Approach switch (Felix) (Taiwan)

Membrane frame lifting reducer (Delixi) (China)

Specification of this machine

Model YK2000F
Wrapping height 2000mm
Turntable diameter Diameter:2000mm height:80mm
Turntable speed 0-12rpm
Turntable loading(max) 1500kg
Up-down frame Double-chain, Up-down speed variable
Film carriage Pre-stretch
Control system PLC
Machine weight(max) 500kg
Machine size 2650mm*1650mm*2450mm
Electrics 220 V/60HZ
Power 1.32KW (3 motor)


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