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Vertical External Vacuum Packaging Machine


Feature of this machine

1. The vacuum chamber of DZ-600l vertical vacuum packing machine has a large volume and the bag mouth is sealed vertically. It can be together with the product outer packaging (such as drum, box). It uses directly in the vacuum chamber to complete the vacuum sealing of the inner bag.

2. It is an open door type operation form, facilitate the use of heavy objects. It is widely applicable to the industry, such as large packaging food raw materials, dates, walnut, pine seeds, electronic products, seaweed products anti-oxidation. Suitable for plastic, metal moulds, quilt, pillow, agriculture and sideline products.

3. External multi-function modified atmosphere vacuum packaging machine is a basic external vacuum packaging machine. According to the customer’s actual needs, a fixed gas flushing system can be added to the packaging for inert gas filling or mixed gas filling.

4. We will supply the powder filter if the customers choose the packing item is powder.

5. Heat sealing generally adopts single layer sealing, double layer sealing can choose different heat sealing methods according to different thickness of customer bag.

6.Control system: OMRON programmable PLC, text display. Pneumatic system: Taiwan Air TAK pneumatic component. External vacuum suction structure: Two cylinders, two suction nozzles. Lift-down conveyor, easy in operation.

7. Heavy moving wheel (with brake): The heavy moving wheel with high bearing capability, which makes customer moving easily.

8. Vertical external vacuum packing machine belongs to the economic equipment. It is widely used in a heavier and larger package. The height can be adjustable according to the height products.

Specification of this machine

Model DZ-600L
Power supply AC 220V/380V 50/60HZ
Hot sealing power 600W
Vacuum pump power 0.75KW
Sealing-bar size L:600mm,700mm,800mm,1000mm W:8mm,10mm
Vacuum pump stroke volume 20m3/h
Film thickness (single) _0.18mm
Machine size 800*900*1900mm
Machine weight 255KGS


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