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Shrink Wrap Bag Sealer


Feature of this machine

  • 1. Adopt international advanced control components, stable performance and durable;
  • 2. The sealing knife adopts special design, the sealing is firm, no cracking, no sticking knife;
  • 3. Automatic feeding, whole row, pushing, film feeding, sealing and cutting;
  • 4. Electroless mechanical speed regulation, adjust the feeding conveyor belt speed;
  • 5. According to the requirements of 2 rows, 3 rows, 4 rows of no bottom support multiple combination packaging,
  • The change of packaging mode can be completed through the control panel switch;
  • 6. Easy to operate and simple, it takes 2-3 minutes to complete the replacement of different specifications;
  • 7. Automatic feeding device can be designed according to different bottle shapes.
  • 8. The direction of feeding conveyor belt can be designed as left feeding or right feeding according to customer needs;
  • 9, Suitable for PE shrinkage film;

Heat shrink packaging machine Automatic cuff shrink packaging machine is an automatic PE film shrink packaging machine,

Automatic resizing, suitable for automatic shrinkage packaging of combination products without bottom support, such as mineral water, beverage,

Shrinkage packaging for daily chemical washing supplies





Specification of this machine

Model QSJ-5040A+BSE-5040A
Voltage QSJ-5040A:3Phase 220V/380V,50-60HZ

BSE-5040A:3phase 220v,380-460V 50-60HZ

Power QSJ-5040A:3KW

BSE-5040A:20KW Adjuster

Sealing speed QSJ-5040A:0-8 packing/minute


Max. conveyor loading 30KGS MAX
Weight QSJ-5040A:370KGS


Machine size QSJ-5040A:1160*1600*1930mm




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