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Semi-automatic L Sealer

Semi Automatic L Bar Sealer

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Product Name?_emi Automatic L Bar Sealer


1. DFQC450 (new FQL450C) Pneumatic L-type sealer is our new product. This machine achieves an automatic seal, at the same time, we can adjust the sealing time with different requirements. It modernizes this machine and satisfies your requirements. Besides, this machine installs the warning system that ensures the safety of the operator.

2. The DFQC450 is suitable for some kinds of goods packaging, it__ popular because of its low price, easy operation, high-speed heating, tight sealing and so on.

3. This machine is beautiful and reliable?_e installed overload protective device to ensure the reliability of continuous work for a long time, prevent the seal-cut part overheating and increase of service life.

4. This machine is fitted with BS series shrink tunnel, the packing effect is perfect. The product would be sent to shrink system automatically after sealing, it can improve the efficiency of packing and meet the demand for mass production.

5. This machine uses a simple control system and new Structure to improve Performance.

6. FQL-450C L-type sealer is widely used in packing various goods. Suitable packing material: PVC__OF__E shrink film.

7. It can be working by changing the position of the film, adjust the height of the worktable when the objects_ width and height changed, the conveying time can be adjusted according to the length of the objects, it is very convenient to adjust this machine for different size packing objects.

8. The goods will go into the shrink machine automatically after sealing, it improves the packing efficiency and satisfies with quantity production.




AC220V 50-60HZ

Heater power


Seal-cut time


Max sealing size(L*W)


Max conveyor loading


Machine size(L*W*H)


Machine weight


Cutting film


Packing size


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