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Semi-automatic L Sealer

L Type Sealer

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Product Name?_ Type Sealer


1. FQL series L-type sealing machine concentrates sealing, cutting and bag moulding in one operation; use imported or home-made shrinking films as packaging materials. It has advantages of simple operation and quick sealing.

2. This series is suitable for combination with BS series thermal shrink packaging machine. After sealing and cutting, products are transmitted into the thermal shrink tunnel for shrink wrapping with high efficiency. FQL series machine can work continuously for a long time and meet the demands of mass production.

3. FQL450B manual L type sealing and cutting machine fully adopts alloy sealing tool which is resistant to adhesion and temperature, effectively ensures that the machine will not break the line, the sealing will not coke, smoke and other common problems.

4. The machine imported foreign technology, so that the machine has at present complete sealing, cutting work, in order to highlight the powerful function of the machine, the machine can also be used with the contraction machine.

5. The conveyor chain adopts a solid roller with a high-temperature resistant silicone tube, which can withstand heavy objects and the roller will not be deformed.

6. It adopts stainless steel heater to make the shrinkage furnace heating up quickly, and high-power air motor has large air volume, even air transport. According to the size of the product, the output can be adjusted conveyor belt speed and furnace chamber temperature to achieve satisfactory shrinkage effect.

7. The electronic governor adjusts the speed of the conveyor belt arbitrarily. With double insulation, the enclosure will not be too hot. Imported high-temperature insulation curtain cloth, greatly reduces heat loss.

8. Electrical components, stable performance. Equipped with an emergency stop device, in case of emergency can immediately stop the machine operation.







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Machine size

1042mmx 700mm x915mm





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