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Automatic L Sealer

L Sealer Shrink Wrapping Machine

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DQL4518S L Sealer Shrink Wrapping Machine:

Shrinkage process, does not affect the quality of the packaging, and can shrink quickly and perfectly, packaged products can be sealed, moisture-proof, anti-impact, suitable for multiple articles tight packaging and pallet packaging.

1. Absorbing the foreign advanced technology, combined with the domestic status quo, with unique originality, for all kinds of packaging for automatic collection, sorting, laminated, coated thermal contraction, thus overcome the domestic same kind of machine is easy to shake the overstow instability, easy card machine, the thin and small volume of a small box products do not adapt to such as insufficient, widened the machine in the field of packaging to adapt to the scope and capacity.

2. A large number of accessories from internationally renowned companies are used.

3. L Sealer Shrink Wrapping Machine can not only run independently to complete the middle packaging of small boxes, but also can be connected with the front-end box setting machine, and the back-end box packing machine, without adding special mechanical devices.

4. The packaged products have smooth and tidy appearance, tight package and firm weld.









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From the date of your purchase (to the official purchase date shall prevail), the machine free warranty for one year, wearing parts excepted, lifetime maintenance.

In order to provide customers with perfect and thoughtful service system, free customers from worries at home.Our company has developed a perfect after-sales service system and effective after-sales service measures, opened a special after-sales service hotline, to provide users with satisfactory questions and technical support;And has the after-sale service department, carries on the regular return visit to the customer.At present, the company has more than ten professional after-sales service engineers as a strong after-sales service team, to provide guarantee for your after-sales service.Our company makes the following maintenance service commitment to you and provides maintenance services to you in accordance with the requirements of the service commitment.



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