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Automatic L Sealer

L Bar Sealer

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DQL6025S L Bar Sealer:

Automatic sealing and cutting L Bar Sealer machine is a fully automatic unmanned operation sealing and cutting machine, widely used in mass production of packaging line work, high work efficiency, automatic feeding film punching device and manual adjustment of the film guide system and manual adjustment of the feed conveyor platform, suitable for different width and height of products.

The automatic sealing and cutting L Bar Sealer machine has the function of close connection, specially designed for packing small products.Widely used in software, food, cosmetics, printing, pharmaceutical and flooring, ceramics, beverage, hardware and other industries of large batch shrinkage packaging.

Sealing knife adopts American DuPont Teflon coating anti-adhesion and high-temperature aluminum alloy knife, sealing won’t crack, won’t coking, no smoke and zero pollution.

_ Equipped with imported detection photoelectricity, horizontal and vertical detection of each group, easy to switch and choose, for thin and small packaging, can easily complete sealing and packaging operations.

_ Automatic feeding, the length can also be adjusted automatically through the combination of electric eye and timer.Equipped with induction motor, automatic coiling waste.

_ When the size of the package is changed, the adjustment is very simple, and there is no need to change the mold and bag maker.

_ Products of different sizes can also be packaged in combination to achieve promotion effect.

_ The temperature controller adopts the original “Omron” digital display temperature controller, built-in PID function, sealing knife temperature is extremely sensitive and accurate, can be set at will.There is no need to worry about imprecise temperature damage to the product. The sealing knife itself also has automatic protection function to effectively prevent the wrong cutting of packaging.

_ The sealing and cutting part of the machine is equipped with a plexiglass protective cover and an automatic alarm function, which greatly improves the safety of the operator.

_ The whole set of machines can be truly connected with the production line for unmanned operation.









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From the date of your purchase (to the official purchase date shall prevail), the machine free warranty for one year, wearing parts excepted, lifetime maintenance.

In order to provide customers with perfect and thoughtful service system, free customers from worries at home.Our company has developed a perfect after-sales service system and effective after-sales service measures, opened a special after-sales service hotline, to provide users with satisfactory questions and technical support;And has the after-sale service department, carries on the regular return visit to the customer.At present, the company has more than ten professional after-sales service engineers as a strong after-sales service team, to provide guarantee for your after-sales service.Our company makes the following maintenance service commitment to you and provides maintenance services to you in accordance with the requirements of the service commitment.



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