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Semi-automatic L Sealer

L Bar Heat Sealer

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Product Name?_ Bar Heat Sealer


1. FM400 2 in 1 sealing and the shrinking machine is researched and developed and manufactured by our company. This machine adopts and combines both characters of the sealing machine and shrink machine. At the same time, it makes a big improvement on the basis of the old one.

2. The outstanding characteristics of this machine lie in the improvement of each performance of this machine, meanwhile, reducing its overall dimension. The function of sealing and shrinking is achieved on one machine, which shortens the packaging time and work efficiency increased.

3. This machine can run for a long time and improve the capacity of the sealing and shrinking. The operation is very simple and also the sealing and shrinking can be run separately.

4. It is an important foundation for this machine that we always adopt refined parts, precision assembly technology and strict quality supervision. Hence, it is spoken highly by customers and meet the demand for a big production.

5. This machine adopts a simple control system and new structure to improve its performance.

6. The operational instruction will be given to help you understand and get familiar with its performance, structure, operation and maintenance and make sure its good performance, reduce faults and prolong service life.

7. When in the sealing and cutting, there appears red and smoke, please cut off the power quickly. Return to work after getting repaired.

8. If you only want to seal and cutting, please close the switch of heating for shrinking and fan motor and conveyor; if you only want to shrink, please do not press the pressing frame.



Power supply


Seal-cut time


Shrinking time




Thickness of the fim




Max. packing size


Machine size

L850mm xW740mmxH1080~1330mm

Machine weight


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