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Automatic L Sealer

High Speed Automatic Side Sealing Machine

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Product Name?_igh Speed Automatic Side Sealing Machine


1. Portable punching device is easy and flexible to adjust, which is durable and has a long life service.

2. The sealing and cutting knife adopts special alloy material spraying Teflon, the sealing is firm, and when cutting, it does not smoke without pollution. The sealing frame adopts high-quality alloy steel, the sealing quality is stable and the frame is not easily deformed.

3. Complete set of automatic system of the whole machine, equipped with photoelectric detection, can realize high-speed and unmanned automatic operation.

4. Vertical L-type sealing and cutting machine adopts imported electrical components to ensure stable and reliable operation of the machine. Vertical L-type sealing and cutting machine can be used directly with the production line.

5. Product conversion specification adjustment is convenient, just use the handwheel adjustment can be easily completed with simple operation.

6. The machine is equipped with a security system for the protection of the operator and packing goods. If there is any stuff under sealing cutter during sealing, the sealing cutter will go back when it touches the stuff. Meanwhile, alarm raise and alarm indicator flashes. Solve the problem before press __esume_ to restart running, or press __rgent Stop_ button to stop it.

7. In order to assure proper work of the machine, technician or someone who is familiar with this operational instruction is required to operate and maintain the machine.

8. For your safety, please connect the machine with the earth. The machine has a small metal plate for earth connection on the body.



Max packing size(mm)

W+2H_700, H_230

Min sealing size(mm)





0-30 pcs/min


220V 50/60HZ

Sealing temperature

180_-250_ depends on thickness of film and environment temperature

Air pressure(Kg/cm2)


Packing material


Machine weight(kg)


Machine size(mm)


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