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Heat Shrink Packing Machine


Feature of this machine

Heat Shrink Packing Machine adopts hot air circulation technology, through automatic temperature regulator to control the temperature, high efficiency and energy saving. Widely used in food, beverage, medicine, daily chemical, hardware, wood products, cultural supplies, printing products, plastic products, glass products, electronic components and other products of single, collection or combination packaging.Shrink packaging products not only beautiful and generous, save packaging costs, but also for sales combination packaging, at the same time with sealing, dustproof, moisture-proof and anti-theft.

Note: Various models can be designed according to special specifications (non-standard)







1. Collective packaging, can save labor, packaging material costs, reduce costs.

This kind of product does not need to use paper box bottom.

2. Special transmission structure to avoid bottle damage.

3. There is a protective device on the seal, which can effectively prevent the packaging from being cut by mistake.

International leading cold cutting technology, reduce energy consumption, beautiful products.

4. Unique heat circulation system, energy saving and make the contraction more solid, beautiful.

5. Network belt conveying structure, can be completely rectifying, to ensure the product good appearance.

Specification of this machine

Model BZJ-5038B+BSE-5040A
Voltage BZJ-5038B:220-240V,50-60HZ

BSE-5040A:3phase 220v,380-460V 50-60HZ

Power BZJ-5038B:1.8KW

BSE-5040A:20KW Adjuster

Sealing speed BZJ-5038B:0-6 packing/minute


Max. conveyor loading 30KGS MAX
Weight BZJ-5038B:225KGS


Machine size BZJ-5038B:1020*830*1980mm



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