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DQL4518S High Speed Automatic Side Sealer & DSC4525L Shrink Tunnel

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DQL4518S automatic side sealing machine_characteristic?

  1. DQL4518S is the automatic side sealing machine_which developed by ourselves, it is used to high capacity packing production line, feeding, conveying, entering bag, sealing can be finished at a time, it has high working efficiency.
  2. Vertical sealing adopts high quality supporting structure and two sides linear guideway to make sealing pressure balanced, frame won__ be damaged easily. The sealing knife adopts copper alloy sprayed with teflon, it won’t stick film, sealing fastness, without smoke, non-pollution
  3. Side sealing adopts constant temperature sealing knife, sealing part is straight and strong, there is no limited about packing object length. Film feeding belt adopts widen and thicken belt, its using life is long and easily to be replaced.
  4. Machine adopt PLC controller, it is equiped with horizontal and vertical photo sensor to reach high speed and automatic working.
  5. It is easy to change the size, just need adjust the handle, operation is easy.
  6. It can be connected with a production line
  7. it has protection function to avoid sealing product wrong and ensure the safety of operator
  8. Optional function is front inlet feeding conveyor.


DSC4520L shrink tunnel characteristic?

  1. It adopts Schneider AC contactor, high-power Solid-state booster and intelligent temperature controller to make temperature system more accurate, prolong the working life.
  2. It adopts solid roller conveyor, the rollers wrapped with high temperature silica gel tube. It can stand heavy product and difficult abraded (you can choose net type conveyor)
  3. Solid roller rotate with conveying chain, at the same time solid roller rotate by itself, down side sealing effect of object won__ affect by roller, each side sealing effect is firm.
  4. It adopts high-power fan motor to ensure enough strong wind to reach perfect packing effect.
  5. Inside wall adopts stainless steel, temperature transfer is uniform, heat loss is little. Two sides have adjusting door, it can be adjusted according to the shape of object to reach the best shrink effect.
  6. Application: This machine is widely used in photo frame, aluminum profile, water pipe, wood floor, and other industries shrink packaging. It is suit POF, PE, PVC and other packaging material.



Model DQL4518S DSC4520L
Max packing size (mm) L ____W+2H_450?_<180 W450_H200
Max sealing size(mm) W450 /
Power?_W? 1.40 9
Capacity 0-16 m/min 0-16m/min
Voltage 220V 50/60HZ 380V 50/60HZ
Sealing temperature 180__250___epends on thickness of film and environment temperature
Thickness of film(mm) 0.015?0.10
Air pressure(Kg/cm2) 5
Packing material POF PVC
Machine weight(kg) 340 220
Machine size(mm) L1700_W1000_H1500 L1800_W703_H1260



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