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Semi-automatic L Sealer

Continuous Shrink Wrapping Machine

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The FQS4525C is a simple packaging sealer cutting machine. It seals, cuts, and shrinks film in one step. This machine is fast and easy to use.


1. FQS4525C continuous seal-cut-shrink packaging machine combines work of seal-cut and shrinks packing of the film in one operation. Electric magnet absorbs cutting frame automatically when the frame is pressed down.

2. Then the object is automatically transmitted into shrink tunnel through conveyor when the film is cut. Therefore, it has high efficiency. It is suitable for packing boxes, toys, electronics and so on.

3. The power of the machine is very big, so the input power must be bigger than the rated power (10 KW). During working, the cutting knife and silica gel strip is very hot, so do not touch it, or your hand will be burned.

4. Do not touch conveyor of shrink tunnel or stretch hands into shrink tunnel to keep from burning, while the machine is working.

5. The seal-cut frame will jump immediately when time is over. So be careful about it. Do not be hurt by this.

6. During cutting, if the cutting knife becomes red or smoke comes out, cut off the power immediately or press the urgent stop button.

7. Put off heating switch and hot wind when it just needs to seal and cut. In the other hand, leave the seal-cut unit if it only needs to shrink.

8. During the guaranteed time of one year, when the case happens because of the bad quality, our company will offer the main parts for free, excluding short-life parts. If it is because of improper operating or by natural accident, we will charge for spare parts and service.


Model FQS4525C
Power supply 3 phase 380V 50-60HZ
Capacity(Pack/hour) 400-600
Heater power 9.0KW
Max. sealing dimension (L*W) 550*450mm
Max. packing dimension L+H<550mm, W+H<450mm
Film material POF,PVC
Machine size (L*W*H) 2630*790*1440mm
Machine weight 220KG



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