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Automatic Box Packing Machine


Meet the FXJ4030ZX Tape Carton Sealing Machine – your packaging superhero! Whether you’re going big with mass production or keeping it automated, this machine is your go-to for easy and efficient sealing.

Feature of this machine

  • The FXJ4030ZX Tape Carton Sealing Machine is a versatile solution, offering manual or automatic adjustments for different packaging sizes, perfect for both mass and automated production.
  • It finds application across various industries such as small household appliances, food packaging, and express services, providing automatic sealing for products with glue applied both up and down.
  • Once automatic sealing is complete, the machine efficiently bundles and packages the products, enhancing the overall firmness and aesthetics of the packaging, while also contributing to saving manpower.
  • Reliability, ease of operation, and simple maintenance are key features of this machine.
  • This machine can function independently or be seamlessly integrated with an unmanned automatic strapping machine conveyor, forming a complete automatic packaging production line for both sealing and strapping.
  • In a single go, the machine achieves miniature, automatic folding, and cover sealing of boxes, utilizing a pneumatic device (requires user-provided air source) for automatic folding of the back cover.
  • Troubleshooting common operational issues involves checking for faults. Noise during sealing may be due to dirty bearings, and issues with tape attachment or sealing friction could indicate a loosening spring on the sealing seat.
  • To address these problems, proper solutions include cleaning and lubricating the bearings, adding spring tension, or adjusting friction. The FXJ4030ZX is not just a machine; it’s a reliable and efficient partner in your packaging endeavors.

Specification of this machine

Model FXJ4030ZX
Power source AC220V/50HZ, AC110V/60HZ 240W
Width of the adhesive tape 30, 45mm
Speed 18m/min
Max. packing dimension 500(L) * 300(W) * 400(H) mm
Min. packing dimension 130(L) * 80(W) * 90(H)mm
Overall size 2410*745*1470mm
Weight 170 Kg


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