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Bottle Sleeve Label Shrink Machine


Feature of this machine

1. BSS-1538 Series label shrink packaging machine is mainly applied to shrink the label of the product in bottle shape, cup shape, or barrel shape.

2. BSS-1538B and BSS-1538D are able to shrink labels both on the whole bottle and in the middle of the bottle. BSS-1538B has a longer tunnel than BSS-1538D.

3. Put on the switch of fan and conveyor. Generally, put the speed of conveyor in the middle position first, and then adjust it while testing.

4. When it reaches the required temperature, we can start testing or working.

5. While the label is in the upper position of the bottle, turn down or put off down heating adjustment. On the contrary, while the label is in the bottom position of the bottle, turn down or put off upper heating adjustment. In this way, it is able to preserve energy and reduce the influence of heat on products.

6. During the process of shrinking, adjust the temperature, conveyor speed and down heating according to a practical case.

7. If there are some wrinkle, which means too low temp. or too fast speed, we can increase its temp. or lower the speed. On the contrary, it means too high temp. or too low speed if the film is broken. Adjust these three factors — temperature, conveyor speed and down heating, until shrink effect is satisfied.

8. After finish packing, switch off the heating switch. It__ better to let the conveyor and fan run for a while in order to cool down the shrink tunnel. This can prolong the life of the machine.

Specification of this machine

Model BSS-1538D
Power 8 KW
Max. packing size (mm) 160*350H
Size of shrink tunnel (mm) 800*200*400
Conveyor motor DC50W/220V
Conveyor speed 0-10m/min
Loading weight 15kg
Conveyor Teflon net
Weight 66 kg
Dimension (mm) 1500*400*1520
Packed size (mm) 1600*520*1050


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