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Automatic Box Taping Machine


Meet the DQFXZ5050S – a sleek, secure, and robust automatic folding sealing machine that enhances packaging aesthetics and safety. Ideal for integration into automatic packaging lines, it ensures smooth transmission, rapid sealing, and easy adjustment with PVC adhesive tape. CE-standard structures, optional protective covers, and a patented cutting knife protection device make it a standout choice. The machine’s flexibility extends to its movable frame and adjustable worktable height, offering user-friendly operation. With hot melt adhesive capability and essential maintenance tips, the DQFXZ5050S is your go-to solution for efficient and reliable box sealing.

Feature of this machine

  • DQFXZ5050S full automatic folding sealing machine is beautiful, safe and generous, the seat is strong and stable. Supporting the use of an automatic packaging line will be more able to reflect the value of the machine.
  • The folding & sealing machine adopts the high holding power of PVC adhesive tape on the carton the following transmission, smooth transmission and sealing on the sealing tape, rapid, easy to adjust, can be a one-time adhesive tape printing, folding cover and the upper and lower sealing action.
  • The various structures meet the CE standard, wherein the protective cover is the optional part of the customer.
  • The cutting knife protection device in the sealing head obtains the national patent.
  • Install machine frame, can move, and fix working location, the height of the worktable can be adjusted. Shake the handle can adjust the instance of the belt drive to center automatic.
  • The unit installs down the sealing head unit. Install the electrical controller device of the full machine.
  • Hot melt adhesive can also be used to seal the box more firmly and automatically.
  • Here are some tips for maintenance. Such as keep the machine clean and dry; don¡¯t put dirty and wet objects on the machine; clean and add lubricant on the blade before using it; add lubricant on every transmission part on the sealing head every two months; check every screws and nut every two months, if they are relaxed, please tighten them.

Specification of this machine

Model DQFXZ5050S
Power source AC220V/50,AC110V/60Hz 420W
Speed 18m/min
Width of the adhesive tape 48mm, 60mm
Air pressure 2/3L, 5Kg f/cm_
Max. packing dimension 700(L)*500(W)* 500(H) mm
Min. packing dimension 260 (W)*200 (H)*160 (L)mm
Machine size 2889¡_1056¡_1815mm
Work table height 600-800mm



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