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Automatic Box Taper


Check out the FXZ5050 Auto Fold & Seal Machine – it’s your go-to for sealing and packing stuff that’s all the same size. This cool machine is all about making your packaging game smooth and easy, giving you that precision and efficiency boost. With its auto-fold and seal moves, the FXZ5050 is like the MVP for businesses wanting to level up their packaging game. Say goodbye to packaging headaches and hello to a simple, reliable solution for top-notch, consistent packing. FXZ5050 – where innovation gets things done hassle-free!

Feature of this machine

1. FXZ5050 automatic folding and sealing machine is suitable for sealing and packing of the same specification.

2. When the size of the carton changes, it will be manual positioning. The top and back cover of the carton will automatically fold in and quickly flat the unfold angle to be folded in.

3. Both sides of the cover are smooth and beautiful, both sides of the motor automatically drive high strength holding power of PVC adhesive tape into the carton for sealing, which can be a one-time adhesive tape printing, folding cover and the upper and lower sealing action.

4. The machine adopts a pneumatic device to realize the automatic folding of the back cover with reliable work, easy to operate and simple maintenance.

5. Cover of both sides are smooth and beautiful, motors of both sides catch the PVC tape automatically and pat, send into and seal cartons.

6. This machine can not only work as a single machine but also can be combined with an unmanned automatic strapping machine and conveyor to become an automatic packaging production line.

7. The tape sealing is flat, firm, standard, beautiful and will not tear the box. The seat is strong and stable.

8. The cutting knife protection device in the sealing head obtains the national patent.

9. This machine can be used single and used with an automatic strapping machine and conveyor as an automatic sealing & strapping packing line. Stick tape sealing neatly, firm, regular, artistic, without tearing the cartons.

Specification of this machine

Model FXZ5050
Power source AC220V/50, AC110V/60Hz 420W
Speed 18m/min
Width of the adhesive tape 48mm. 60mm. 75mm
Work table height 600-720mm
Max sealing size (W*H) 600(L)*500(W)* 500(H) mm
Min sealing size (W*H) 200 (W)*160 (H)*200 (L)mm
Machine size 2840(L)*1010(W)*1580-1700 (H)mm
Air pressure 2/3L, 5Kg f/cm_



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